Meet the Team

Driven to changing existing labour practices to demonstrate fair and ethical recruitment methods, our team forms a melting-pot of industry related professional experience. Our breadth of knowledge allows us to understand the goals and aspirations of those involved in transnational recruitment.

We have the team to make labour migration safe, legal and FAIR.

Mari Apostol Photo.png

Marie Apostol, Founder and CEO

Marie is the founder and creative energy behind The FAIR Hiring Initiative (TFHI) and brings a worldwide reputation and vast knowledge of the international migration arena to the operation of our organization. Previously with Verite, she spearheaded supply chain initiatives worldwide to address recruitment-related debt bondage and modern-day slavery. Continuous engagement with many major brands, their suppliers and recruitment agencies, has helped protect and promote the rights of thousands migrant workers. Marie developed and facilitated assessment, training, and consulting programs for some of the world’s largest companies in the electronics, apparel, footwear, food, agriculture, and retail industries to address issues such as child labour, forced labour and freedom of association.

Marie is certified by the International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA) as a Lead Tutor for the Electronics Industry’s Auditor Accreditation Program, that she helped to develop. Marie advises a number of different stakeholder groups, including businesses, NGOs and academe on market-led recruitment reform. She has work experience in 30 countries. 



Kenneth Harvey, Co-founder and Director

Ken is a professional Engineer. He has developed a successful engineering career across the globe and has extensive experience in leading multi-national and multi-cultural teams on major projects worldwide. Ken has provided leadership in team building and management, project management, contract preparation and negotiation, and design, construction and commissioning engineering activities. 


Mercedes Barcelon, Director and Board Treasurer

Michi  is a HR specialist. Before joining TFHI, she was Senior Manager for Human Resource Management and Development at Ayala Foundation Inc. and sat in the ManCom for strategic human resource management. She was HR and Development Manager for the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and the Ministry of Human Settlements. Michi was lead trainer for San Miguel Corporation’s transition management program designed to help SMC employees affected by its right sizing program. Consulting engagements for human resources and development include PLAN International for southeast and south Asia. Work with Verité exposed her to responsible recruitment and conditions of decent work across countries. Michi holds a Masters in Development Management (MDM) from the Asian Institute of Management.


Daryll Delgado, Director and Board Secretary

Daryll combines her responsibilities at TFHI with her position as Manager of Verité Southeast Asia’s (VSEA) Research and Stakeholder Engagement Programs, where she designs and implements multi-country programs geared towards understanding and improving migrant labour working conditions in the agriculture, electronics, apparel, footwear, and food manufacturing sectors in Southeast Asia, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. She directs the VSEA research team and is principal investigator for Verité's publicly funded research on forced labor and trafficking in persons. 

jeffrey jake gallenero, director

Jeff has served many years with the Philippine Army as a Senior Officer and has proven capability for leadership both under fire and during peacetime. He has also contributed to development programs for the improvement of Filipinos and the communities they live in. He is a model leader who places the interests of the whole ahead of personal and subordinate interests. He graduated from the prestigious Philippine Military Academy (Class '92), holds a Masters Degree in National Security Administration (from National Defense College of the Philippines). Jeff is committed family man and avid athlete who has represented the Philippine Army in golf and Taek Kwon Do.