Our mission is straightforward:

  • Make ethical recruitment the standard, not the exception.

  • Link socially responsible employers with qualified job seekers.

  • Make an employers-pay recruitment policy profitable and accessible.



To implement our mission in every aspect of our practices, we have established three core principles:

Our Business Value Proposition

Every employer that uses our services receives workers chosen for the skills, attitudes and knowledge required to do the job, and not on the worker’s ability to pay a recruitment fee. Workers supplied by The FAIR Hiring Initiative can focus on the job, work safely and more productively, and communicate effectively.

Our Corporate Commitment

We do not charge job seekers any placement, recruitment or other fees. 

The FAIR Hiring Initiative is dedicated to fair and ethical practices in all aspects of its operations.

The FAIR Hiring Initiative Ethical Policy has a zero tolerance for the taking of fees or gifts from anyone using our services or engaged in our business.

Our Ethical Recruitment Model

Our recruitment, selection and training procedures are designed to select only workers that are suited to the job – having positive work attitudes and the maturity and psycho-social readiness to work abroad.

The FAIR Hiring Initiative model provides full support to workers and employers alike, ensuring full transparency on the employment contract and working conditions, and giving both parties all the information required to make informed choices before signing the employment contract.

Our procedures will prevent the incidence of:

  • forced labour and debt bondage
  • discrimination
  • child and juvenile labour
  • contract substitution

and other serious labour malpractices.

For those interested in understanding the guiding principles of ethical recruitment, the following are recommended reading: