The FAIR Hiring Initiative, Inc., (TFHI) is a Philippine-registered company licensed as a private recruitment agency by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration to recruit and deploy land-based workers for overseas employment. 


Client Focused
TFHI strives to build lasting partnerships with clients as they manage global recruitment for multi-cultural, multi-national workplaces. We help our clients to find workers that fit their job requirements, are well prepared to work abroad, and are focused on job performance when they get to the workplace. 

Non-Fee Charging
TFHI is a non-fee-charging agency. This means that workers deployed by TFHI are recruited and selected on merit and not for their ability to pay a service fee. This gives our clients a larger pool of qualified candidates to choose from, and our rigorous selection and pre-deployment preparation processes ensure that they receive the right workers for the jobs they are hiring for, at the right time. On the other hand, workers hired through TFHI are able to keep every penny they earn and are likely to be more productive, focused on their jobs, better motivated, and less prone to disciplinary or other problems. Their employers benefit by having the stable workforces they need to meet production and sales targets within budget.

TFHI is backed by staff with vast knowledge and hands-on experience in human resources management, corporate social responsibility consulting and training, project management, overseas deployment, and general training and worker counselling.