Basic Qualifications:

  • Education: Master of Science in Nursing or Midwifery (or field of health practice, e.g., Mental Health) or post-graduate education leading to, or in addition to, a valid nursing license that meets the requirements for licensing in the State of Qatar
  • Licensure: Valid Philippine nursing license AND be eligible for license in the Supreme Council for Health, State of Qatar; relevant life support/resuscitation certificate (preferred) but there will be opportunity to undertake this as part of orientation
  • Experience: A minimum of 5 years hospital-based nursing experience after passing the licensure exams
    • Including a minimum of 2 years experience managing people
    • Evidence of extensive nurse leadership across specialties
    • Evidence of personally leading change management activities and improvements
    • Evidence of personally leading a patient experience change
    • Demonstrate a quality improvement cycle and the effect on patient care
    • Demonstrate and evidences for inter-professional working practices that have benefited patient care

Terms and Conditions:

  • Monthly Salary: QAR12,850.00 minimum (about PHP158,000.00 at current exchange rate)
  • Benefits: An attractive benefits package that includes, at minimum, free accommodations and transportation from home to worksite, paid annual leave, medical insurance, free air tickets and visas.
  • Contract Duration: 3 years (minimum)